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The Whimsical Pig B&B at Wolf Creek - Rooms & Rates
"Let me live by the side of the road and be a friend to man." ~  Samuel Walter Foss
The Whimsical Pig B&B's lodging accommodations are conveniently located near the metropolitan areas of Akron, Canton, and Cleveland and only 3-5 minutes from interstate access to I-76 & I-77.  We are 15 minutes from downtown Akron and The University of Akron, a short drive of 20 minutes to the Akron Canton Airport and approximately 35 minutes to Canton, Cleveland and historic Medina. The Cleveland Metropolitan Airport or a day trip of sightseeing in Amish Country are 45-55 minutes away.
Pigs were once an essential part of any diversified farm.  On the farm, pigs were expected to forage for acorns, glean fields after harvest, consume dairy waste, eat windfall fruit from orchards and, of course, provide pork, bacon and sausage.  As the pork industry changed over the years, many historic breeds fell out of favor.  Today, fewer pig breeds remain and many are dwindling in number. In remembrance of the pigs who spent their days working the farm, the bedrooms of the Whimsical Pig are named after historic breeds raised in this area.

The Gloucestershire Old Spot Suite

Noted for its distinctive white coat with black spots, the Gloucestershire Old Spot is the pig often featured in paintings of English farm life. It is a large breed, reaching a mature weight of 600 to 800 lbs, and must have a white coat with a minimum of one clearly defined black spot.  It has lop ears which almost cover the face of a mature pig and hang towards the nose.  The sows have great maternal skills, friendly dispositions and are relatively easy to handle.  The breed’s reputation as an excellent grazer and forager earned it the nickname the “Orchard Pig.”

$205 per weekend night 
$195 per weekend night when booking both Friday and Saturday
$195 per week night Sunday-Thursday

The Gloucestershire Old Spot Suite is The Whimsical Pig’s premier guest accommodation.  It features a sumptuous king bed with down comforter, flat screen TV, private bath en suite with luxurious soaking tub and oversized glass and tile shower. An attached intimate sitting room with gas fireplace can be enjoyed in the evening.

The Chester White Guest Room

This all-American breed was originally from the Ohio-Pennsylvania area.  It has a large, long body, a thick full coat that is completely white with no spots and medium sized ears that point downward. A pig is ineligible for the classification of Chester White if any other color pigmentation is larger than a silver dollar. They sunburn easily and have a sweet nature. This breed is best known for large litters and good mothering. This is the pig represented by our two weathervanes.

$165 per weekend night 
​$160 per weekend night when booking both Friday and Saturday night
$160 per week night Sunday-Thursday

This room, furnished in the primitive farmhouse style,  has a four poster rope queen-sized bed with down comforter, large separate bath with jacuzzi tub and shower, antique pine cupboard, flat screen TV hidden in antique wall cupboard, and a wonderful view of the scenic vineyard. 

The Tamworth Nook 

The Tamworth is among the oldest of pig breeds. This breed exhibits an elongated head and a long narrow body. This pig is of ginger to reddish coloration with a coarse bristled coat and erect pointed ears.  Their long chiseled snout makes it a four-legged rototiller!  They are very active and need to be properly enclosed.

$145 per night per weekend night 
$140 per night when booking both Friday and Saturday night
$140 per weekday night Sunday-Thursday

This cozy cottage room comes with a full-size iron bed with hand quilted bedding, flat screen TV, deacon’s bench,  wonderful vintage ‘kitchen cupboard’ dresser and large separate bath with jacuzzi tub and shower.

The Tamworth Nook is the perfect accommodation for couples, friends, or families traveling together. In this situation the bathroom is shared.

Gloucestershire Old Spot Suite
Chester White Piglettes
Tamworth Pigs
Gloucestershire Old Spot Piglette
The Gloucestershire Old Spot Suite Bath
The Chester White Bath with Whirlpool Tub & Shower
The Tamworth Nook
The Tamworth Nook
Our Guest Rooms - The Whimsical Pig B&B
The Chester White Guest Room
Chester White Jacuzzi  
Suite Bathroom
The Nook's Vintage Cupboard
The Tamworth Nook Double
 Suite's Soaking Tub
The Gloucestershire Old Spot Suite
Gloucestershire Suite Sitting Room
Chester White Shower
Chester White
Gloucestershire Old Spot

Chester White Room
Southern Cupboard


Hampshire Piglet's Room

The Hampshire pig is probably the oldest American breed of hogs, 
introduced from England in the 1800s, and is now one of the world's most  important breeds. It is characterized by erect ears and a black body with a whitish band around the middle covering the front legs.

$145 per weekend night  
​$140 per night when booking both Friday and Saturday night
$140 per week night Sunday- Thursday                                                                                                                  This homey room comes with twin mahogany beds, vintage quilts, antique baby cradle and drum-style bedside tables. The Hampshire Piglet accommodations would be perfect for family or friends traveling together. In this situation the bathroom is shared. 
The Hampshire Piglet's Room
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